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China Plastic Pipe Fitting Mould Manufacturing

Plastic pipe fittings can be used for drainage pipes, water supply pipes, mining pipes, communication pipes, and there has been a great demand in the construction industry, municipal engineering, water conservancy engineering, agriculture and industry and other industries. As an experienced pipe fitting mold manufacturer, PlasticsMould.COM provides various types of plastic pipe fitting molds, from straight-through, tee, cross, elbow, plug, joint, and reducing pipe fittings to manufacture corresponding high-quality molds. Pipe fitting mold specifications 1. PVC pipe fitting mould a. CPVC pipe mould is used in high pressure area b. UPVC pipe mould is used for drainage c. PVC flared pipe mould (core-pulling system is used for water supply) d. Wire and pipe moulds, various PVC pipe fittings inlaid in the wall 2. PPR pipe fitting mould Water supply system for indoor buildings 3. PP/PPH pipe fitting mould a. PP or PPH flaring pipe fitting mould with core pulling system b. PP drainage pipe
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2020 China Die & Mould Industry Association's selection of "China's key backbone mold enterprises" public announcement

 1 FAW Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China's key backbone enterprise for automobile panel moulds 2 Tianjin Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automobile panel mould 3 Ruihu Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automobile panel mould 4 Dongfeng Die Stamping Technology Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automobile panel molds 5 Shanghai Seccoli Automotive Mould Technology Application Co., Ltd. China's key backbone enterprise of automobile panel moulds 6 Chongqing Pingwei Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise of China's automobile panel mould 7 Sichuan Chengfei Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automotive panel molds 8 Beijing BYD Mould Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automobile panel moulds 9 Yisen (Shanghai) Mould Co., Ltd. Key backbone enterprise in China's automobile panel moulds 10 Botou Xingda Automobile Mould Manufacturing

Maintenance and maintenance methods of injection molds

 1. Always keep the injection mold thimble and guide post lubricated (the most suitable lubricant should be selected), and regularly check whether the thimble, guide post, etc. are deformed and surface damaged. Once found, replace it in time. 2. Pay attention to the surface maintenance of injection molds. It directly affects the surface quality of the product. The focus is on preventing rust. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable, high-quality, and professional anti-rust oil. 3. Each injection mold should be equipped with a resume card to record and count its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage in detail. Based on this, you can find out which parts and components have been damaged and the degree of wear to provide discovery And information materials to solve the problem. 4. After each production cycle, the band heaters, rod heaters, heating probes and thermocouples on the injection mold should be measured with an ohmmeter. If they are da

There are 6 categories of plastic molds, do you know all of them

  Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry to give plastic products a complete configuration and precise dimensions. According to the different molding methods, it can be divided into different types of molds. 1. Injection Mold It is mainly a molding mold that is most commonly used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment of the injection mold is an injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the heating cylinder at the bottom of the injection molding machine, and then melted in the screw or column of the injection molding machine. Driven by the plug, it enters the mold cavity through the nozzle of the injection molding machine and the pouring system of the mold, the plastic is cooled and hardened to form, and the product is demolded. 2. Blow Mold A mold used to form plastic container hollow products (such as beverage bottles, daily chemical products, etc.)

China’s mold capital-Huangyan industrial cluster becomes a provincial pilot

Huangyan mold  industry is mainly based on the manufacture of  injection molds , including extrusion, blow molding, die-casting, and stamping molds. It has formed an industrial ecological chain system with the most complete functions, the highest degree of specialization, and the most complete supporting system at the county level in the country. . In 2009, Huangyan Mould Industry was in c luded in the “Zhejiang First Batch of 21 Demonstration Zones for the Transformation and Upgrading of Mass Economy to Modern Industrial Clusters”, and has more than 10 national and provincial honorary titles including the “First Demonstration Zone for Quality Improvement of Mold Products in the Country”. , In 2016, Huangyan District “Demonstration Zone for Intelligent Manufacturing of Moulds” was selected as the first batch of pilot demonstration zones for intelligent manufacturing in Zhejiang Province. The overall goal of the new intelligent manufacturing pilot of the Huangyan smart mold industry clu